Update: EGRV Control 2.1 (Free TouchOSC template for Traktor Pro 2)

The latest version EGRV Control 2.1.1 is available here.

As I promised last week on my twitter, I’m uploading a small update to my EGRV Control. It’s a minor update that concentrate more in improving workflow while mixing. I also added more functionality to the Gate/Delay & LFO/Flange Buttons that will allow you to change value of those buttons on the fly. There are few more changes and improvement that you can find below. Lemme know what you think. Have fun! In the meantime I’m working on new template that utilize jog wheels to make it even more fun.

DOWNLOAD: EGRV Control 2.1

What’s New:

– New pitch reset button

– moving the filter activation and seek fader above the EQ fader to prevent
accidental touch to Play and Sync buttons

– Added functionality to pitch bend buttons. It becomes loop movers when you
press shift.

– Pressing gate while moving EQ Low fader on deck A will enable you to change
the value of the gater. Pressing gate while moving EQ Mid fader on deck B will
enable you to change the value of the gater.

– Pressing shift and gate/delay while moving EQ Low fader on deck A will enable
you to change the value of the delay. Pressing shift and gate/delay while moving
EQ Mid fader on deck B will enable you to change the value of the delay

– LFO/Flange functions the same as Gate/Delay.
LFO + EQ Mid deck A change value of LFO
SHIFT+LFO+EQ Mid deck A Change value of Flange
LFO + EQ Hi deck B change value of LFO
SHIFT+LFO+EQ Hi deck B Change value of Flange

– When you press FLT it will activate/deactivate filter and reset the filter value to 0

– Pressing Mash 1 and moving EQ fader Hi on Deck A will change value of

– Pressing Mash 1 and moving EQ fader Low on Deck B will change value of

TouchOSC 1.8
TouchOSC Editor 1.5.4 (for loading the template)
OSX 10.6 and above
Traktor Pro 2


  1. .tsi file has set all the mapping wrong? the crossfader controls the w/d fx and deck 1 volume channel… :/ its a shame, 2.0 and 2.2 both look good but have major bugs 😦

    1. Have you tried re-importing the template again? You need to import it from the big, main import button at the bottom, not from controller manager. I’ve tested it on 2 different mac and everything works accordingly.

    1. For fx 1 make sure that ur fx active button on your mixer is off.. It will go on when you activate the echo button.. If its currently on.. It will actually go off when u press the echo button therefore there’s no response. For filter, make sure that its on before you play with the fader. I hope this solve your problem.

  2. The download link is broken, please fix it i need this template for tomorrow !!! please upload to rapidshare or another server !

  3. Sorry, was out of town. I didn’t even know that my mediafire account is suspended.

    I’ve upload it to different host. Juck click the link above!

  4. What am i doing wrong? I’ve already imported to my ipad, it looks beautiful, but the traktor doesn’t respond. On the other version i had (1.1) I used to use the “EGRV Control_1_1.oscd” Do i need to have this file too?

      1. at first i’ve imported, didn’t work.. and then imported again, still not working. on the 1.1 version i had to run on mac the “.oscd” file, but on this version didn’t find this file.

  5. Check if i’m doing right. I open the file “egrvcontrol2.1.touchosc” and it automatcally opens the editor. Then i press sync, go on the ipad, go to layout and press “add”, choose my mac on the list, and import. what do i do with the “.tsi” file. Thanks for your help brother.

    1. @Thiago

      You need to import the .tsi file to traktor.
      Go to Traktor>Preference at the bottom of the preference window, there’s a button that said IMPORT. Click it and import the .tsi file. Once you’re done, repeat the importing process one more time (there’s a bug in traktor that will not load the effect correctly if you only import the .tsi file once). After that, you should be good to go.

  6. man that’s frustrating, i’m so wanting to use this 2.1 version. just followed those steps and still not working. wondering why version 1.1 works… would be because 1.1 uses “.oscd” file? :/ this new version looks sweeet.

  7. I’m completely out of ideas why it doesn’t work on your setup.

    are you on the latest TouchOSC editor 1.5.5?
    TouchOSC 1.8.1?

    have you connect your computer and ipad using Bridge?

    Because I’ve tested it on multiple system both Mac & Window and they all works.

    please answer the questions above so that I can figure out how to help you.

  8. tried to connect using Touchosc bridge, installed it on MAC and still not working.
    when i import “egrvcontrol2.tsi” it changes the way traktor looks (the setup). i’m out of ideas too.

  9. Tryed this too, what is weird is when i choose “EGRV_Control 2.0 (OSC Bridge)” at controller manager at the device setup, and close the window, when i go back on the preferences, It shows up again “Scratch Pro 2 default manager”.
    Anyway, thanks for the video, it was very explained. 😉

    1. Sorry man,
      I don’t know how else. What version of Traktor are you on? Maybe you need to re-install Traktor (if its not too much of a hassle). I don’t know what else to say.

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