Review: Rusko – Songs

The man that start it all! Not dubstep but brostep. Yes, Rusko the man responsible for dubstep subgenre brostep is back with his sophomore album Songs. It’s nice that he’s actually distancing his self from the monster he created as Songs shows more variety and multiple facets to his production.

The first single from Songs is Somebody To Love, a track that pay heavy tribute to the hey day of rave with its melodic piano riffs and diva vocal before dropping into some wobbly bassline. Pressure is another outstanding tune with its major chords creating happy vibe and something that brings back the UK Garage era in the early noughties. In Opium he goes with epic trance like intro a la Magnetic man then proceed to bring back his trademark bass and switched it up to 4-4 goodness in the middle. Thunder is a surprise since its basically a straight up 4-4 big room number with epic chords build-up similar to Swedish House Mafia with an added twist. Instead of your standard 4-4 beats where the snare falls in 2nd and 4th beat, he opted with half time where the snare lands in 3rd and 7th beat. Reggae/dub influence are also present in the form of Mek More Green, Skanker, Love No More and Roll Da Beats. Asda Car Park represent the one and only tune that somewhat resembles brostep. M357 a droning down tempo track close out the album.

Overall, Songs is a solid album with excellent mixes of styles and sounds. It’s much more well rounded album when compared to his debut effort O.M.G. It also showcases Rusko’s progression as producer and reminded us why he is one of the premier dubstep artist today. I think it’s great that this album is being released in Diplo’s label Mad Decent which is an American label because it will show the American public out there that dubstep is not just Skrillex

Rating: 4.5/5

Rusko – Somebody To Love

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