TouchOSC updated to version 1.8.1

Our trusty TouchOSC just got updated to v. 1.8.1 The new feature is listed below.

– Added setting of control/child-control color with MIDI messages (new “c” var)
– Added touch y position velocity emulation option to Push-button controls
– Added MIDI message sending/receiving for Tab-pages
– Added custom OSC messages for Tab-pages
– Added “no rollover” option to Rotary controls to prevent jump from/to full/zero (default for all existing Rotary controls)
– Added LiveControl layouts
– Added additional control colors
– Changed resolution of Bonjour services to IP addresses instead of host-names
– Fixed Toggle-button received MIDI/OSC message value range behavior
– Fixed Multi-toggle MIDI Note message receive
– Fixed OSC size messages for Fader controls
– Fixed Rx/Tx indicator rendering
– Updated artwork (including support for Retina iPad display)

TouchOSC Editor
– Updated to support the new features and options
– Minor bug fixes
– Minor UI improvements on Windows
– Added Win64 build (requires a 64bit Java runtime)

So from what I read, it looks like you’ll be able to change color of button depending on their state. So if you assign a button as cue then you change the state to loop you’ll be able to change its color. Something that should work well with the upcoming Traktor 2.5 update. Most likely you’ll be able to recreate Traktor’s new F1 controller. Real exciting stuff. Will try to play around with it over the weekend.

You can update/buy TouchOSC 1.8.1 at Apple’s Appstore

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