Tonight, PROPER at Treehouse, Kemang, Jakarta

24/7 Presents


Special Guest: RANDOM (Javabass)
Back with us once again, and hopefully needing no introduction!

And Introducing FYAHMAN to the 24/7 Crew!
“Got into UK garage since 90’s as guilty pleasure. Back in the days, I was listening to lot of UK indie music; Britpop-UK indie. And to listen to UK garage was such a “glamorous” thing for me. That’s why I could only hear the tracks secretly, being a paradox to “macho” indie rock.

These “popsters” Artful Dodgers, MJ Cole, So Solid Crew were my first UK garage crushes since late 90’s to early noughties. thank god, in 2007 I found an Elemental tracks been released, that was my first dubstep experience. And watching Ramadanman and Benji B playing in Jakarta, was my first bass experience (thanks to 24/7!).

My musical direction’s changing as this music’s evolved so much. Today UK bass is my musical direction, “Bass” in particular. Be it global bass (baile funk, dub, moombahton, tribal guarachero, footwork, to funkot), or contemporary dubstep, “future” garage, or even “back to the roots” thingies: techno and house.”

24/7 Crew:

Representing the latest in Dubstep, Grime & UK Garage.



Each and every month at:
Tree House Kemang
Jl. Kemang I No.72 (Opposite Splash)
Jakarta Selatan



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