Ableton Live 9?

This video was spotted on youtube and it appeared to be the highly anticipated Ableton Live 9. I managed to grabbed it before the original video got taken down. From this video we can see some minor GUI changes. On the browser window, now you see that you can open new column to reveal the content of the folder above it. Also there are few tweaks and new plug-ins such as the Glue Compressor, developed in collaboration with Cytomic. The EQ 8 receives some major overhaul, now being able to display some kind of spectrum analyzer and pop up window to display it even larger, making it perfect for sound sculpting. The Compressor also got major changes, now having 3 different kind of display mode, auto release and new expand mode. The Gate effect now adds some metering and REturn parameter that will enable you to create smoother gating.

None of these are of course confirmed by Ableton. If what we see above is true and just a small glimpse of what we can expect from Ableton Live 9, then this gonna get very exciting real quick. Looking forward to hear more from the Ableton Team and their officialy released material.

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