A trip to Palopo, a Small Town Far Far Away.

Over the weekend, my self and Vicky Shu had a show at this small town in South Sulawesi called Palopo. Its basically just another regular gig, except for the traveling part. Palopo is quiet beach-side town that’s located about 400 km from Makassar and to get there took us a long time. This is of course not my first time there so I sort of know what to expect. Still, you can’t ever get accustomed to 3/4 of a day kind of trip. I was there roughly a year ago and I actually had a lot of fun playing at Marco Polo Club, the same club that book again this past weekend.

So I started the day at 3 AM by waking up one of my fellow friend, DJ Toto who is suppose to play with me. He picked me up at 3:30 AM and we head straight to the airport. We arrived at the airport at 4:30 AM and get on the plane and off to Makassar on time at 5:40 AM. Flight took about 2 hours 30 minutes and with 1 hours time difference we arrived at Makassar at 9 AM local time. We then proceed to meet up with Vicky about 30 minutes later and get on the car for our 2nd part of the trip, the dreading 8 hrs car ride. Those weren’t so bad for me since I slept all the way through. After several stops we finally arrived at Palopo at 8 PM. We headed straight to the club for sound check which took us about an hour and proceed to dinner. We eventually arrived at our hotel at about 10 PM. When I check into my room, I tried to catch the UFC broadcast on TV but I fell asleep and got woken up at midnight. I got ready and go to the club to play at 1 AM. After 1 hour, my job is done and I went back to the hotel with Vicky. Vicky went back to Makassar right away to catch her flight back at 1 PM later on the day (home girl is as tough as it gets!). I went back to sleep.

Got woken up at 8 AM, get ready to head back to Makassar. The car ride back was bla bla bla.. same shit repeated but now we go the other direction. We arrived at Makassar at 6:30 PM and get on our delayed plane at 8 PM. Finally reached Jakarta at 10 PM Jakarta time and another 1 hr car ride to go home. Finally I got home at 11:45 PM and went straight to bed. Well, I checked on Vicky whether she made it home alright and she was still at her relative’s wedding (still in awe with how tough this girl is). Anyway, here are some pics from the trip. Not so much of the actual gig though.

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