Reason 7 Announced

Today,music producers are spoiled with choices. There are so many tools that suits your style and your workflow preference. Ableton Live 9 recently released at a whopping $749 for its ultimate pack. If you’re just starting, that will stop you dead on track. So now, the good people at Propellerheads just announced the latest incarnation to their always fun software Reason 7. Some of the neat new features are audio quantized, MIDI out and advanced mixer bus grouping. I haven’t used reason in a while. Not since version 5 anyway. I was a diehard reason user. Eventually I felt that its close environment held me back. Therefore I made the jump to Logic Pro. Eventually I settle my self with Ableton Live 8. I thought it was what suits my workflow the best. I got no complain over Live 8. I’m just a bit disgruntled with its steep upgrade price. So, this new Reason 7 intrigue me a little bit.

Previous owner of Reason 1 – 5 qualify for $149 upgrade to Reason 6.5 and you will receive free upgrade to Reason 7 when its released later this year. It gives you a whole load of new features and the ability to add 3rd party instrument. Sounds awesome. Yet, Reason 7 is still going to be somewhat close environment since it uses proprietary system. That Native Instruments Komplete 8 that I have will not be compatible with Reason 7. That’s a total deal breaker for me. But if you’re not invested on other plug-ins then Reason 7 is actually looking more and more like a viable alternative as your main DAW. It’s something worth looking into.

The software will debut in Q2 of 2013 – current users of Reason 6/6.5 will be able to upgrade for $129 – learn more about the upgrade pricing scheme on this page.

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