Logic Pro X is finally released

Apple finally released the highly anticipated Logic Pro X. I have yet to try it out but my first impression, it looks eerily similar to Ableton Live layout wise. They appear to borrow many of the workflow from Live. I was skeptical about this update especially after what apple did to Final Cut Pro with the Final Cut X. It appears though, this time Apple gets it right. Everything still translate pretty well if you are coming from Logic Studio 9 and there are tons of new things in there too.

Here are some of the more notable new things:

  • Drum Kit Designer lets u mix and match drums, similar to Toontrack’s EZ Drummer. They also have Drum player which appeared very gimmicky for now. I will reserve my judgment whether it was good or completely useless once I tried them.
  • Retro Synth is a brand new synth that gives you 4 different modes such as analog (substractive), Sync, Wavetable (PPG style) and FM (DX7 rings a bell).
  • Track Stacks is a pretty cool grouping/busing feature. If you’re familiar with Ableton Live, it’s basically very similar with how you group tracks and turn them into a bus/aux channel.
  • Flex Pitch is a built in pitch correction that looks as powerful as Melodyne
  • And there are still many more refinement to the old plug-ins that were available in Logic 9.

Overall, Logic Pro X looks pretty solid and at $200, makes it one of the best priced DAW in the market. The only drawback is it’s Apple only and high specs requirement.

For more info go to Apple’s Logic page here.

Check out the video below. This guy did a pretty awesome job at explaining what’s up with Logic X


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