Step Sequencing in Traktor, The Next Big Thing?

I really love the whole community based project development that’s been going on with the whole Native Instruments’ Traktor community. More and more people are developing things that push the limit and changes the way we use Traktor completely. The latest trend happening now is people building new controllers that turn Traktor’s remix deck into step sequencer.

In a way, this gives Traktor the ability to become a full on live performing software. The original intention of the remix deck is to have sets of loop/stems of existing tracks, and you launch them in anyway you like, creating a brand new remix on the fly. In essence, its basically a cut down version of Ableton Live. With this step sequencer, now we’re no longer limited to just loops. Traktor is capable of becoming a complete drum machine (with proper sample of course). It can even sequence harmonic contents, something that Ableton Live with PUSH still can’t do (until Live 9.1 comes out anyway).

So far I’ve spotted 2 projects that turn the Remix Deck into step sequencer.

First up is a project from Tomash Ghzegovsky called Digital Warrior. The video below gives a pretty good explaination about what this little device can do. It is available for sale for €160 and can be purchased here.

The next one is Midi Fighter Twister from DJ Techtools. The concept is pretty similar because apparently they were inspired by Tomash’s Digital Warrior. The DJ Techtools guys are going with their signature MIDI FIGHTER design but intead of arcade buttons, they now have a bunch of knobs tht you can twist around, hence the name Twister. They have a quick demo of their product but to be honest I’m still a bit confuse on how the sequencing works. The product it self looks slick and targeted for release in January 2014. No price are being set yet.

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