Bass In Yo Face Session:13

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Tracklist after the jump…

1.Videogames (Vicious Circle Bootleg Mix) – Lana Del Ray
2.Eyes Wide Open (dBridge Remix) – J:Kenzo ft. Rhianna Kenny
3.Untitled Jazz – Teebee
4.AYO Feat. Redders – Sam Binga
5.Smokescreen – Emperor
6.Scatterbrain (Hybris Remix) – Cause4concern & hybris
7.Vanilla VIP – Rufige Kru
8.Rzor [Friction Remix] – Addison Groove & Sam Binga
9.Weatherman (Lynx Remix) – Dream McLean
10.Peace Love and Unity (Basher Remix) – DJ HYPE
11.Count to ten feat. Enei – DRS
12.Better Than Tomorrow – Fracture
13.One Chance (Emperor Remix) – Enei
14.Constant – Clarity
15.Slowroll – Overlook
16.Sixth Sense – Bredren + Tom Small
17.Can of Cancun – Stray
18.One Drop – J:Kenzo
19.Killer driller – Amit
20.Noisy Spirits In This Soul – Consequence
21.Heirship – Paragon
22.One 6 Eight – Kid Drama
24.Iridium – SdQ§
25.Dancer in the Dark – SB81
26.Wastegash (The Upbeats Remix) – Mutated Forms
27.Critical Level – Mtwn
28.LA Zoom – Stray
29.Love Has Gone (Dub Phizix Remix) – Netsky
30.Let Go (Remastered Original Mix – Teebee
31.Four Tun – SB81
32.Loaded – Hybris
33.Detroit – Rockwell
34.Organiser [Foreign Concept Remix] – Spectrasoul
35.Unofficial Jah – Dom & Roland
36.Niche – Pessimist
37.Digital – Overlook
38.Say Nothin’ (Rockwell Remix) – Jubei feat Flowdan
39.Yukon – Dub Phizix
40.My Kind of Love (Machinedrum remix) – EMELI SANDE

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