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The Mi.Mu Musical Glove

I’ve covered the Mi.Mu Glove in my other blog awhile back. Now Imogen Heap and her team have brought this device to Kickstarter. So here’s your chance to own your own Mi.Mu Musical Glove.
The Mi.Mu Glove is a revolutionary wearable MIDI controller that works based on your gesture. It’s literally future music material.

To back this device on kickstarter, go here.

Here’s what the Mi.Mu Glove can do.

Roland Aria

Roland is gearing up towards releasing the ARIA’s. It’s really exciting time if you’re an analog synth junkies. So many rerelease of classic synth at the moment.

Supercharger from Native Instruments

As Christmas present, NAtive Instruments is giving away a free tube compressor emulation called SUPERCHARGER. Designed for versatility, SUPERCHARGER works equally well at warming up a vocal or crushing your drums completely. This plug-in is absolutely free until December 31st. On the new year, the plug-in will be available to purchase for $49

So go ahead and download them here while it’s still free.

Touchable 2 is out now!

Touchable 2 is out now and it’s really heavy on features, therefore there are loads of tutorial for you to watch.

Audio Clip in Bitwig Studio

Bitwig has been on BETA forever. This supposedly Ableton Live killer constantly tease us with all tis interesting features that seems leaps and ahead beyond of what Live can do. It’ll be interesting to see how the Live team will respond to this particular Audio clip feature.

Friction on Pioneer’s CDJ-900 NXS

Check this excellent routine from Friction while demoing Pioneer’s new CDJ-900 NXS. Suprise to see drum and bass in a product demo. Anyway, This new CDJ looks amazing. Now we don’t even need traktor. All you need is a laptop, iOS or android phones with Pioneer’s Rekordbox and you’re good to go.

Step Sequencing in Traktor, The Next Big Thing?

I really love the whole community based project development that’s been going on with the whole Native Instruments’ Traktor community. More and more people are developing things that push the limit and changes the way we use Traktor completely. The latest trend happening now is people building new controllers that turn Traktor’s remix deck into step sequencer.

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