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Create “Netsky & Jauz – Higher” Lead on XFER SERUM

Tutorial on how to create  lead like Netsky & Jauz – Higher. The idea of this tutorial is to get you started in programming your own sound and get you to understand how Xfer Serum works. So we’re not going to try to remake the exact sound.

If you want to explore the patch, download it for FREE at:!OEhzTLoa!u-FJ-sC7F-fFZMHF8jbC6j208anS7oshbiixHPV3HEk

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or download the clean version (without me talking) for FREE at Yeyo.


1.Hard Lip Kiss – Chris Inperspective
2.The New Age – Hydro, War, Mateba & Sam KDC
3.Suction Cap – Icicle & Safire
4.Gas (Original Mix) – Andy Pain
5.Shut Down – Enei
6.Bagleys – Slang Banger
7.Purify (Original Mix) -Mefjus
8.Defender – Brain Crisis & Segment & Concept Vision
9.Interloper – Chaser
10.Sasquatch – Optiv & BTK
11.Drawback – Phace & Noisia
12.Less Is More (Original Mix) – Signs
13.50,000 (Original Mix) – MaxNRG
14.Arabia – BMotion
15.Outlaw Renegade – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
16.Robots & Romans – Audio Remix – June Miller
17.WTF (Original Mix) – Smooth
18.Panzer (Original Mix) – Dimension (UK)
19.Bäng Bäng – Phace & Mefjus
20.The Calling VIP – Original – Rene LaVice

Man Of Steel New Trailer

this new trailer of ‘Man of Steel’ looks so good, I can’t wait to see it!

In the studio with Yacko

Today, I found my self back in the studio with my favorite female rapper Yacko working on a brand new song for her upcoming album. The track is yet to be titled but its about Tattoos nd Graffiti. At least thats the theme. The track itself starts out as crunk that swith to drumstep before eventually turning into a full blown drum & bass. I hope I never have to answer a question about what genre this track is. I will have a hard time deciding the genre. The recording session went well and only took 2 hours. Yacko is done with her part. Now, It’s my turn to finish it up.

Random in REDMA 2011 Top 50 DJs nomination. VOTE NOW!

Hey guys, they’ve announced how to vote for REDMA 2011. So, dont forget to vote for Javabass‘ own Random & Jerome in TOP 50 DJs. Also vote for Jerome in Drum & Bass DJ of the Year and PHUNKTION as Serial Event of the Year. To vote, just register your twitter at the following link.