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Yasiin Gaye – The Departure

Yasiin Gaye ‘The Departure’ is actually a mash up album combining music from Yasiin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def and Marvin Gaye. They work so well together almost like they were created as original works. This Mash Up is created by Amerigo Gazaway and available as free download. So, hurry and get them while it last. I’m pretty sure this will get into legal trouble and pulled out of the circulation in a short time.

Best of 2013: Albums

Everyone is doing their own top 10 album of the year and to be honest most of them are pretty similar. Instead of doing the same thing, I’m gonna do my own top 10 of album that I personally really enjoy this year. I’m gonna overlook genres since this is my personal chart and I personally love any music. So, without further a do, here are my top 10.

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Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborator: Giorgio Moroder

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is probably one of the most highly anticipated album this year. Here’s a video interview with one of the collaborator in this album, the legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder. It’s pretty funny considering he’s an old skool guy from the 70’s who is totally into digital production and Daft Punk who are contemporary producers and into the old skool analog sound. Interesting role reversal and quiet ironic actually.


For those who don’t know, Photek is one of the pioneer of Bass music. He made his name back in the days with releases in drum & bass legendary label Metalheadz. After over 15 years of career, Photek has evolutionized his sound from the bass heavy tune of his Metalheadz day to his current sound today. One thing remains consistent though. He still creates that same moody atmosphere in his music.

KU:PALM is Photek’s first original material album in the past 12 years since his last critically acclaimed album ‘Solaris’. In ‘Solaris’ he started to dabble in music styles other than drum & bass and in KU:PALM, his shift is complete. There are still elements of drum & bass that is reminiscent of his trade mark sound in track such as ‘Shape Charge” where he uses an almost metallic percussive bass sound which is layered together with moody synths and occasional drum & bass style drum edits. This is definitely a trade mark sound similar to his classic tune such as ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryi’. In ‘Munich’ he pays homage to the minimalist German techno sound yet, he never tried to carbon copy them. The atmosphere of this tune is definitely more fitting in a movie score as opposed to the dance floor.

In ‘Quevedo’ he slowed down the beat considerably. The beat is still in the 4/4 teritory but the bass line will make this tune fit into any chill step set. Once again it’s apparent that Photek loves to create moods and atmosphere in this tune. ‘Mistral’ is an acid laced beat that combines the classic Roland 303 and 808 snare, bringing that total old skool vibe in a very modern yet not trendy production. ‘Oshun’ is one of the more uptempo tune in this album. It never tried to fit into any specific genre and its definitely not a club banger.

Now we moved on to the more radio friendly tunes. ‘Sleep Walking’ featuring vocal from Linche is more radio friendly tune here (and that is by a stretch) by keeping the tune at the standard dubstep tempo and features excellent vocal without going into the brostep territory. The album is closed with an all out dubstep tune ‘This Love’ featuring Ray La Montagne. This track is probably the least interesting tune in the whole album but I do understand that it’s a necessary to have this tune included.

Overall, PHOTEK’s KU:PALM is one of the best album he ever released. His impeccable music taste has enabled him to create a masterpiece. KU:PALM will go down in history as one of electronic music classic. It’s great to have him back in the game.

KU:PALM is out now and available at iTunes

Rating: 5/5

Concord Dawn is giving away their latest album ‘Air Chrysalis’ for FREE!

We haven’t heard much from this Kiwi duo. In the mid 2000′s they were among the top dnb producers with their signature trance induced hard dnb. Now they are back with this slightly more tone down version of their tune. Nina McSweeney provided the vocal here and the result is a potential crossover hits that will fit right in to the catalog of drum & bass labels such as Hospital or even RAM. Looking forward to more new stuff from this duo.

Concord Dawn – River (Ft. Nina McSweeney) is released 19th November and is from the Album ‘Air Chrysalis‘.

‘Air Chrysalis’ is available as free download here.
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Review: Rusko – Songs

The man that start it all! Not dubstep but brostep. Yes, Rusko the man responsible for dubstep subgenre brostep is back with his sophomore album Songs. It’s nice that he’s actually distancing his self from the monster he created as Songs shows more variety and multiple facets to his production.

The first single from Songs is Somebody To Love, a track that pay heavy tribute to the hey day of rave with its melodic piano riffs and diva vocal before dropping into some wobbly bassline. Pressure is another outstanding tune with its major chords creating happy vibe and something that brings back the UK Garage era in the early noughties. In Opium he goes with epic trance like intro a la Magnetic man then proceed to bring back his trademark bass and switched it up to 4-4 goodness in the middle. Thunder is a surprise since its basically a straight up 4-4 big room number with epic chords build-up similar to Swedish House Mafia with an added twist. Instead of your standard 4-4 beats where the snare falls in 2nd and 4th beat, he opted with half time where the snare lands in 3rd and 7th beat. Reggae/dub influence are also present in the form of Mek More Green, Skanker, Love No More and Roll Da Beats. Asda Car Park represent the one and only tune that somewhat resembles brostep. M357 a droning down tempo track close out the album.

Overall, Songs is a solid album with excellent mixes of styles and sounds. It’s much more well rounded album when compared to his debut effort O.M.G. It also showcases Rusko’s progression as producer and reminded us why he is one of the premier dubstep artist today. I think it’s great that this album is being released in Diplo’s label Mad Decent which is an American label because it will show the American public out there that dubstep is not just Skrillex

Rating: 4.5/5

Rusko – Somebody To Love

Review: High Contrast – The Agony & The Ecstasy

The Agony & The Ecstasy is the 4th full length album from Hospital Records’ golden child High Contrast. The album opens up with the album titled track The Agony & Ecstasy featuring vocal from Selah Corbin. If you’re familiar with High Contrast’s earlier work, you’ll find similar melodic and haunting piano in this track with his classic tune Music is Everything. Cinematic feel can also be found in this tune and all are being tied together with a very driving beats to create a moody yet uplifting tune.

The 2nd track The Road Goes On Forever pays tribute to the WHO’s Baba O’Reily with its arpeggiated synth and big piano chords in the middle. Other track that stood out in this album is his collaboration with Underworld and Tiesto in The First Note is Silence. This track is one those that you either love or hate. It got all the right ingredient to become a crossover hit with Karl Hyde’s vocal and it’s epic big room feel.

Overall, this is a great album. He successfully manages to create a proper album instead of compilation of tracks. With this album, I get to witness High Contrast’s evolution from a dance producer with great track to complete musician that produce a complete album.

High Contrast’s The Agony & The Ecstasy is out now on Hospital Records

Rating: 4/5