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Conductr for Live

Recently I tried out the now FREE ‘Conductr’. It’s basically an Ableton Live controller app for iPad. After messing around with it I find this to be very straight forward and simple to use. Basically all you need to jam live on Ableton are there. The app itself use what it calls module. Each module have their own name which is self explanatory such as Mixer, clips, master and user. The user module is pretty cool because you get to create your own module using up to 8 parameter controllers from any device on any track featured in your Ableton Live set.

Of course, with all freemium software, you are limited to 2 user module. The paid version though will let you have unlimited amount of modules.the Master module is basically MASTER VOLUME, CUE VOLUME, A/B CROSSFADE and TRANSPORT CONTROLS. At this point I’m just scratching the surface of this awesome controller. Is it as powerful as Touchable or Lemur? Well, not at this point, the 2 apps I mentioned have quiet a head start and Conductr still have ways to go to catch up with them. But since this app is free, you really got nothing to lose to try it out.

More info go to http://www.conductr.net/
Download this app at itunes appstore here

TouchAble 2 is coming!

Zero Debug recently announced the soon to be released TouchAble 2. TouchAble is an ipad apps built specifically for Ableton live. From this short video, it appeared that Touchable will be able to performed pretty much anything that Ableton PUSH can do and some more. The best thing is, it’s a free update for current TouchAble user (like my self) and it will be able to run even in the first gen iPad. Totally excited for this app.

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Review: Propellerhead’s Figure

The first time I heard about this little iOS software called Figure I got very excited. First off, it only cost 99c making this a total bargain and encourage us to try it out. The apps it self is pretty simple. It comes with 3 instruments which consist of Drum which is powered by Reason’s Kong Drum Designer, Bass & Lead which is powered by Reason’s Thor. Once you launch it, you’ll see 4 pads that you use to control the drum and when going through the tabs you can change the mode from pattern, tweaks, song & mix. There are also several sound banks to get you started.

Overall is pretty neat but just like every iOS apps out there, It has yet to able to be taken seriously as a music making tools. It lacks the ability to export sound or MIDI note therefore making this more of a toy than the real deal. Nonetheless, its pretty fun and its a good glimpse to the future of what the iOS ecosystem can do plus it’s only 99c.

Rating: 3/5