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I Heart Monday | Episode:11

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I Heart Monday | edition:02

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DJ MAG Top 100, should we care?

Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren
The latest DJ MAG Top 100 DJs poll is out and the result left nothing to surprise. As predicted, trance and big room house still rule the chart. Skrillex make it to the top 10 as the highest Bass music purveyor in the chart at number 10. There’s only one drum & bass artist this year and its not Andy C. Instead this year we have new young DJ/producer Netsky sitting at number 95. There are many new young artists that came out out of nowhere such as the French teenage youtube sensation Madeon who is in 54th place. Of course Madeon is probably the feel good story of the year. He gained notoriety in 2010 when he posted his live mash up of 32 tunes to create a brand new tune titled ‘Pop Culture’, all done live using Novation Launchpad. The video fast tracked him into slot at Coachella and Ultra Music Festival. Not bad for a 17 years old boy who is not even old enough to get into a club. Considering all these feel good stories coming from this polls, why did I raise the question whether we care or not?

Many people, especially in my beloved country Indonesia really make this Top 100 as a big deal. If you’re in the party promotion industry, the importance of this chart becomes even more significant. This DJ MAG top 100 will be your bible for the next one year and your success in getting sponsorship for your event will depend on how high the artist you try to booked rank in this chart. Sponsors (put any tobacco company here) will compete to throw ridiculous amount of money for the privilege to present the number 1 DJ in the world if you try to bring in the current number 1 guy, in this case Armin Van Buuren (which I predicted will be here in Indonesia again sometimes in December of 2013, mark my word!). Well, isn’t that a good thing? This will bring us to my point on why we or I to be specific don’t care about this chart.

You might ask why I don’t care about this top 100? As a drum & bass DJ and promoter, if I want to land sponsorship for my next event, my best bet will be to book Netsky since he is in the chart. The problem is, I don’t really like Netsky. Even if I do want to book him, his position at 95 basically put him on the borderline of not being in the Top 100 at all. In other words the sponsor will not bite. And the other thing, most of the artists in the chart will use their position in the top 100 as leverage in increasing their price, this applied even for borderline artist like Netsky. This further put us at disadvantage because sponsor doesn’t bite, his price is higher and our currency is not getting any better. Basically this Top 100 charts doesn’t give me benefit at all. I think its counter-productive and more damaging. Sponsors based their decision on this chart, not on the actual artist. So there you have it. I don’t ever care about this chart since it makes my life as drum & bass dj/promoter that much harder.

1. Armin Van Buuren
2. Tiesto
3. Avicii
4. David Guetta
5. Deadmau5
6. Hardwell
7. Dash Berlin
8. Above & Beyond
9. Afrojack
10. Skrillex

You can read the complete 2012 DJ MAG Top 100 DJs list here.

Yacko ft. Lawrence Philip – Filthy Rich [video]

Check out this brand new video from Yacko featuring our own Random. Some scene are shot at PHUNKTION:76. This video is directed and edited by Bima Girindra of Crime Scene. It’s a hiphop video but the DNB connection is deep here!

Lawrence & Yacko in Free! Music Department 1st edition

There’s a small write up about Filthy Rich, my collaboration with Yacko in the 1st edition of FREE! Music Department magazine. To read it, just head to their website at http://digital.freemagz.com/2012/fmd01/

Wednesday, 29 February, 9coustic with Yacko

This wednesday, I’ll be performing with Yacko at Rolling Stones Cafe, Jakarta for 9coustic. Event will start at 7pm. This is actually the first official performance of Yacko’s 3rd single Filthy Rich. See U all there!

Free Download of Yacko’s latest single Filthy Rich ft. Lawrence (EGRV)

Indonesian female MC, Yacko is giving away her third single for free. The new single titled Filthy Rich features beats from Lawrence Philip of Jakarta’s electro duo EGRV. The single it self is a mish-mash of dirty electro running at slower 110 bpm hiphop style spiced up with Yacko’s aggresive lyrical delivery. Na…na…na…na… jumping around…You can grab the tune at the following link.


All you gotta do is HIT the TWEET BUTTON.

To successfully download Filthy Rich, I recommend you to use Firefox/Chrome/Safari browser on Laptop/PC.

Thanks to FREEMAGZ for makin it happen! 🙂 #freemusic

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