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Is it a new mixer?

Native Instruments just release a teaser video about their latest toy. It’s something that appears to be a full functioning 2 channel mixer with integrated Kontrol X1 (FX & Hot Cues) and I assume, audio interface that will let you plug a device and have timecode control. My wish is that it has 2 USB plug to make switching between 2 djs less of a hassle. Well, no details on pricing and specs from NI yet. So just enjoy the video for the time being.

Introducing: The Pianocade

Pianocade is a chiptune style synthesizer that also works as MIDI controller. The cool thing is the use of arcade joystick and black & white buttons as keyboard.

The Pianocade is available for $250/$350CAN – or you can get your own DIY electronics-only kit from Portmanteau for $100.

For more info and ordering go to www.pianocade.com

Mostly Robot, its alive!

Mostly Robot the electronic supergroup put together by German music software company Native Instruments made its debut at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival. With members consisting of producer/vocalist Jamie Liddell, keybordist Mr. Jimmy, turntablist DJ Shiftee, sound designer/producer Tim Exile and finger drumming master Jeremmy Ellis plus visual from Berlin’s Pfadfinderei expectations are huge. Well the wait is over and just check out the video above.

I’m not Skrill-ex I’m more like Whitney Houston’s keyboard player

… that’s gold!