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AMI 2014

Yacko and I went to AMI 2014 last night. AMI is the Indonesian version of Grammy and the show is broadcasted live on national television. Our song ‘Ink & Paint’ received nomination in best hip hop category. Our category was not part of the televised portion of the show.

So the basically announce about 40 categories inculded ours in about 20 minutes. The announcement was so fast that, 80% of the winners weren’t even there to receive their awards. Once the television portion about to start we sorta slipped our way out of the show. Well, we didnt win anything tonight but we got free dinner. So, all is good.


Yasiin Gaye – The Departure

Yasiin Gaye ‘The Departure’ is actually a mash up album combining music from Yasiin Bey a.k.a. Mos Def and Marvin Gaye. They work so well together almost like they were created as original works. This Mash Up is created by Amerigo Gazaway and available as free download. So, hurry and get them while it last. I’m pretty sure this will get into legal trouble and pulled out of the circulation in a short time.

I Heart Monday | Episode:03

Welcome to another Monday. To help you start your week, here’s the latest episode of ‘I Heart Monday’

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Random & Yacko – Ink & Paint (coming soon!)


Yacko recently uploaded upcoming single for both my self and Yacko ‘Ink & Paint‘. ‘Ink & Paint‘ combined elements of Trap, drumstep and DNB with street hiphop attitude. The result is just about as original as it gets. The track will serve as both our single.

Ink & Paint‘ will be released in June 2013 on Javabass Recordings. It will be backed up with an awesome remix from DTX and another yet to be determined track. Subsequently, it will also be featured in Yacko’s 3rd full length ‘The Experiment’ due out sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

In the studio with Yacko

Today, I found my self back in the studio with my favorite female rapper Yacko working on a brand new song for her upcoming album. The track is yet to be titled but its about Tattoos nd Graffiti. At least thats the theme. The track itself starts out as crunk that swith to drumstep before eventually turning into a full blown drum & bass. I hope I never have to answer a question about what genre this track is. I will have a hard time deciding the genre. The recording session went well and only took 2 hours. Yacko is done with her part. Now, It’s my turn to finish it up.

Yacko ft. Lawrence Philip – Filthy Rich [video]

Check out this brand new video from Yacko featuring our own Random. Some scene are shot at PHUNKTION:76. This video is directed and edited by Bima Girindra of Crime Scene. It’s a hiphop video but the DNB connection is deep here!

Lawrence & Yacko in Free! Music Department 1st edition

There’s a small write up about Filthy Rich, my collaboration with Yacko in the 1st edition of FREE! Music Department magazine. To read it, just head to their website at http://digital.freemagz.com/2012/fmd01/