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I Heart Monday | episode:09

After couple weeks of absent I HEART MONDAY is back with loads of new awesome music. I was literally swamped with work in the past couple weeks and could never get around to do one. Without further ado, here’s the latest episode of I HEART MONDAY.

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I Heart Monday | Episode:08

Another monday and another episode of I Heart Monday. As always, Here are my 10 discovery from Soundcloud.

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I Heart Monday | Episode:06

Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday and I’m late on my I Heart Monday post. Regardless, I was thinking of skipping this week and give it a go again next Monday but, there are way too many new good music floating around on Soundcloud this week, it’d be such a shame to miss those. Anyhow, here are your 10 track for this week.

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I Heart Monday | episode:04


Monday is upon us again and here are some new musics to get you started with this upcoming week.

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EGRV – Just Bounce EP (Out Now)

After almost 3 years of silence, EGRV is back with a pair of new tracks. If you’re expecting the whole in your face wall of sound style that you found in their last effort “Power On Power Off” then you will be slightly disappointed. The thing about these boys is they love being unpredictable. If you follow these boys from back in the day, they have always been consistent in term of releasing materials that constantly keeps you guessing. This release is no different. What you get is a pair of bouncy tech/deep house tracks along the line of stuff being release on Jesse Rose’s Made To Play or Claude Von Stroke’s Dirty Bird. So it’s a whole different direction from the EGRV that we’re familiar with. ‘Just Bounce’ is chugging along with its rolling bassline before breaking down (literally) into a mess of cut up drum breaks. Berdansa which means Dancing is just that! A proper dance number with some weirdo sounding synths elements sprinkled all over the place. In conclusion, this new release is not what we expect from EGRV but it’s a good new direction. Looking forward to hear more stuff like this (even though with these boys, you’ll never know what you’ll get next!).

EGRV – Just Bounce EP is out now on Laxity Recordings and available at:
Beatport | Juno Download | iTunes | DJdownload |