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I Heart Monday | Episode:13

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I Heart Monday | Episode:12

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I Heart Monday | Episode:10

Another Monday and another episode to I Heart Monday. As usual. lots of excellent new music and couple mixes too. So, here they are.

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I Heart Monday | episode:09

After couple weeks of absent I HEART MONDAY is back with loads of new awesome music. I was literally swamped with work in the past couple weeks and could never get around to do one. Without further ado, here’s the latest episode of I HEART MONDAY.

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I Heart Monday | Episode:08

Another monday and another episode of I Heart Monday. As always, Here are my 10 discovery from Soundcloud.

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I Heart Monday | Episode:07

For all my efforts, I missed last week’s episode 7 due to me being out of town nowehere near internet connection and once again, I’m posting this on Tuesday. Well, better late than never I suppose. As usual, here are the 10 excellent tunes I found on Soundcloud in the past 2 weeks.

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I Heart Monday | Episode:06

Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday and I’m late on my I Heart Monday post. Regardless, I was thinking of skipping this week and give it a go again next Monday but, there are way too many new good music floating around on Soundcloud this week, it’d be such a shame to miss those. Anyhow, here are your 10 track for this week.

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