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AMI 2014

Yacko and I went to AMI 2014 last night. AMI is the Indonesian version of Grammy and the show is broadcasted live on national television. Our song ‘Ink & Paint’ received nomination in best hip hop category. Our category was not part of the televised portion of the show.

So the basically announce about 40 categories inculded ours in about 20 minutes. The announcement was so fast that, 80% of the winners weren’t even there to receive their awards. Once the television portion about to start we sorta slipped our way out of the show. Well, we didnt win anything tonight but we got free dinner. So, all is good.



Ink & Paint won Paranoia Awards 2013 Dance Track Of The Year

First of all, I’d like to thank all those who voted for me at this year’s Paranoia Award. It was a pretty good night for me. I was nominated in 3 categories and I ended going home with 2 awards. ‘Ink & Paint” my collaboration with Yacko won the Dance Track of The Year category. I also won in the Drum & Bass and Dubstep DJ of The year. The third nomination was in DJ of the Year category which I knew was a long shot. I was actually surprised by the fact that I even got nominated in this category to begin with. Being a DJ from minor genre such as Drum & Bass, being nominated is good enough and was quiet an honor. At least I got to represent the Bass music community.

Once again thanks for all the supports. Its awesome that you guys helped a drum & bass tune became track of the year, beating out other nominees in genre as varied as Trance, Electro and EDM. This is victory for the whole Indonesian Bass community. I’m gonna end this article with this quote from some random white dude I met during Paradise In Bali, “Drum & Bass sampe mampus!”

Yacko ft. Random – Ink & Paint (Music Video)