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Create Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Trap lead in Xfer Serum

Tutorial on how to create Trap lead like Rich Chigga’s Dat $tick. The idea of this tutorial is to get you started in programming your own sound and get you to understand how Xfer Serum works. So we’re not going to try to remake the exact sound.

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Traktor S8 is coming!

New Traktor Kontrol S8. I hope it doesn’t cost as much as a kidney…

Komplete Kontrol S-Series

Native Instruments recently revealed it’s latest hardware controller, the Komplete Kontrol S-Series. From what I see, this controller is aimed towards life performing, turning their flagship Komplete Bundle into a monster on stage instruments. The convinient of browsing  sounds from the entire Komplete instruments without having to go through each different software is a major thing for live performer on stage. It literally put the massive 12k + sounds of complete at their finger tips. With this controller you basically have almost any sound imaginable for live situation. There is also cool scale mode that will help the less trained musician to gained confidence to actually play live. Is it cheating? Maybe. But, that’s just the way technology is.

Is this essential? Not really. But it’s definitely usefull. And if you’re in the market for MIDI controller and the Komplete bundle then this is a no brainer. The controller it self is priced at $499 and compatible with Komplete 9 (some feature will not be available )and 10. It will be out and available on October 1st. There are different bundling prices for upgrade. For more information head to Native Instruments.

Check out this Hands on overview from http://www.djtechtools.com


How To Setup Click on Traktor Pro 2

Supercharger from Native Instruments

As Christmas present, NAtive Instruments is giving away a free tube compressor emulation called SUPERCHARGER. Designed for versatility, SUPERCHARGER works equally well at warming up a vocal or crushing your drums completely. This plug-in is absolutely free until December 31st. On the new year, the plug-in will be available to purchase for $49

So go ahead and download them here while it’s still free.

Felix Da Housecat on Traktor Kontrol X1

Welcome to the future where eventually we shows up to a club and all they have is a freakin’ mixer..

Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2

Native Instruments recently announced their newest controller, the Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2. It looks pretty slick with the touchstrip that works similar with Pioneer’s CDJ-2000 Nexus strip. It’s gonna be out on August 1st and priced at $229.