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Idealism x Reality: How To Make A Living from Dance Music


Just like every other art related professions, being a producer/DJ have its own shares of problems. With the advance of technology it becomes easier for anyone to create music and become producers. Technology basically has even out the playing field but at the same time it makes it that much more competitive. For every success story like Madeon or Martin Garrix there are another 1000 similar kids struggling to break through. At the end though, how can we as one of those other 1000 kids continue to pursue our dream to make a living from being a producer/DJ? Those success storie above can rely 100% from music for their income. What about the rest of us?

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I Heart Monday | Episode:03

Welcome to another Monday. To help you start your week, here’s the latest episode of ‘I Heart Monday’

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Aura Kasih – Bukan Pemain Cinta (produced by Lawrence Random)

Yes, its not electronic and its probably not cool in my part but I did produce this song.