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Create Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For plucked chords on NI Massive

Tutorial on how to create Percussive (Kalimba like) chords like Calvin Harris & Rihanna’s This Is What You Came For. The idea of this tutorial is to get you started in programming your own sound and get you to understand how NI Massive works. So we’re not going to try to remake the exact sound.

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Create a Song using only Ableton’s Operator & Analog

An excercise in sound design, we’re going to build a whole song using only Ableton’s Operator & Analog. WIth these 2 synths we will create drums, lead, and bass with no samples whatsoever.

Fracture in FACT TV’s Against The Clock

Review: Kick Start By Nicky romero

Here’s an interesting piece of plug-in from the guys at Cable Guy called Nicky Romero “Kick Start”. As for Nicky Romero, this plug-in is the second one to bare his name. His first plug-in “KICK” was a simple plug-in that does what the name implied really well. You want slamming house kick? Use Nicky Romero’s KICK and your problem is solved. It’s that easy.

Now on his 2nd plug-in is another simple and specialized plug-in that emulate sidechain compression. Sidechain compression is essential in today’s EDM to get that pumping sound and you can’t live without it. On certain DAW such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live, the process of setting up sidechain compression is pretty straight forward. But Even if the the setup process is easy, you still need to have basic knowledge on how to use compressor to achieve the desired effect. “Kick Start” completely bypass that process. All you need is to put “Kick Start” as insert and you chose the curve of the effect and decide how much pump you want by adjusting the wet/dry button. Yes, it’s that simple. It’s crazy how simple and effective this plug-in work. Purist will hate it and consider this cheating. Then again, purist hates anything that is not traditional. As for me, anything that will speed up my production process will become part of my studio arsenal.

Nicky Romero Kickstart is out now for PC/MAC, 32/64-bit, VST/AU for $15/€10
get them at http://www.kickstart-plugin.com/

Idealism x Reality: How To Make A Living from Dance Music


Just like every other art related professions, being a producer/DJ have its own shares of problems. With the advance of technology it becomes easier for anyone to create music and become producers. Technology basically has even out the playing field but at the same time it makes it that much more competitive. For every success story like Madeon or Martin Garrix there are another 1000 similar kids struggling to break through. At the end though, how can we as one of those other 1000 kids continue to pursue our dream to make a living from being a producer/DJ? Those success storie above can rely 100% from music for their income. What about the rest of us?

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Ableton Live 9?

This video was spotted on youtube and it appeared to be the highly anticipated Ableton Live 9. I managed to grabbed it before the original video got taken down. From this video we can see some minor GUI changes. On the browser window, now you see that you can open new column to reveal the content of the folder above it. Also there are few tweaks and new plug-ins such as the Glue Compressor, developed in collaboration with Cytomic. The EQ 8 receives some major overhaul, now being able to display some kind of spectrum analyzer and pop up window to display it even larger, making it perfect for sound sculpting. The Compressor also got major changes, now having 3 different kind of display mode, auto release and new expand mode. The Gate effect now adds some metering and REturn parameter that will enable you to create smoother gating.

None of these are of course confirmed by Ableton. If what we see above is true and just a small glimpse of what we can expect from Ableton Live 9, then this gonna get very exciting real quick. Looking forward to hear more from the Ableton Team and their officialy released material.