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Introducing: Maschine Studio

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TouchAble 2 is coming!

Zero Debug recently announced the soon to be released TouchAble 2. TouchAble is an ipad apps built specifically for Ableton live. From this short video, it appeared that Touchable will be able to performed pretty much anything that Ableton PUSH can do and some more. The best thing is, it’s a free update for current TouchAble user (like my self) and it will be able to run even in the first gen iPad. Totally excited for this app.

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LiveControl 2 is available now

Liine the maker of Lemur for iPad recently release LiveControl 2. It’s basically a free download template for Lemur that will let you turn your iPad into something very similar to Ableton’s own PUSH. PUSH is awesome and you will never be able to beat real buttons and knob. But it will sets you back about $600. At $49.99, Lemur is pretty pricey for an apps. But looking at the functionality it’s a total bargain. If you have iPad and wants a PUSH like controller then Lemur with LiveControl 2 might worth a shot. For more info, head to Liine’s site.

Ableton Live 9 + Ableton Push = Win!

Just in time for Christmas, Ableton Live 9 is officially announced. As for the price, If you have yet to purchase the full version of Live 8, you can upgrade to the Live 8 standard or Suite for USD 284 for the standard or USD 472 respectively and received free upgrade to Live 9. They have yet to announce when will version 9 will be available though.

Another exciting news is a brand new Live controller called PUSH. Developed by AKAI, PUSH appear to after the groove based controller/software combo such as NI Maschine and MPC Renaissance but with loads more pads. It looks wicked and very exciting. PUSH will set you back about USD 600 and it will come with Ableton Live 9 Intro. They have yet to announce its availability.