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Random at 3P.TV

Bass In Yo Face Session:10 Random live at PHUNKTION:84

Live recording of my set at PHUNKTION:84. I was playing an earlier set, therefore no anthems here. Darker sound is the theme here. Towards the end things starting to get more uplifting as I was getting ready to hand out the decks to the next DJ. There’s an exclusive track in there, a brand new remix from Celcius Recordings’ artis Mage of my last single ‘So Alive’. The remix is due out on Liquid Brilliants sometimes in May, so keep your ears & eyes open for that one!

You can stream it from Mixcloud above or download it from the Official.fm player below.

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In the studio with Yacko

Today, I found my self back in the studio with my favorite female rapper Yacko working on a brand new song for her upcoming album. The track is yet to be titled but its about Tattoos nd Graffiti. At least thats the theme. The track itself starts out as crunk that swith to drumstep before eventually turning into a full blown drum & bass. I hope I never have to answer a question about what genre this track is. I will have a hard time deciding the genre. The recording session went well and only took 2 hours. Yacko is done with her part. Now, It’s my turn to finish it up.