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HMGNC – Today & Forever (Random Remix) [Out Now!]

Today and Forever Remixes digital EP from HMGNC!
Now available on iTunes:


Get the interpretations of “Today and Forever” by 9 talented producers including yours truly, Random!

Random – Love Inside (Out Now)

Guys, my latest single ‘Love Inside’ is now out on Strong Mind Records. Show me some love by buying them legally at all digital stores.

Random – Love Inside is out now on Strong Mind Records and available at:

Juno Download
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High Contrast – Spectrum Analyzer [video]

High Contrast is back with this crowd pleasing 8-Bit induced tune. Wait for the breakdown.. it’s epic! It’s just amazing and the video fit the track perfectly with its use of 8-Bit imagery.

High Contrast’s Spectrum Analyzer is out now. But it here.

My first ever released tune on vinyl

I was doing some re-organization of my studio and found this small piece of personal history. It’s my first ever released tune on vinyl. Rolling 303 was released on Jungle Voodoo Recordings back in 2000. I can’t believe that’s 12 years ago and how far along I’ve come as a producer. I can’t believe it got released considering how simple and how bad the mixing was. The flip side is a tune by Grizzly, a good friend of mine who passed away in 2003 after year-long battle with cancer. My thought is always with you brother!

Review: High Contrast – The Agony & The Ecstasy

The Agony & The Ecstasy is the 4th full length album from Hospital Records’ golden child High Contrast. The album opens up with the album titled track The Agony & Ecstasy featuring vocal from Selah Corbin. If you’re familiar with High Contrast’s earlier work, you’ll find similar melodic and haunting piano in this track with his classic tune Music is Everything. Cinematic feel can also be found in this tune and all are being tied together with a very driving beats to create a moody yet uplifting tune.

The 2nd track The Road Goes On Forever pays tribute to the WHO’s Baba O’Reily with its arpeggiated synth and big piano chords in the middle. Other track that stood out in this album is his collaboration with Underworld and Tiesto in The First Note is Silence. This track is one those that you either love or hate. It got all the right ingredient to become a crossover hit with Karl Hyde’s vocal and it’s epic big room feel.

Overall, this is a great album. He successfully manages to create a proper album instead of compilation of tracks. With this album, I get to witness High Contrast’s evolution from a dance producer with great track to complete musician that produce a complete album.

High Contrast’s The Agony & The Ecstasy is out now on Hospital Records

Rating: 4/5