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Random – The Wave (Out now)

My latest tune is out now and available at:
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2aPpZUT
iTunes: http://apple.co/2ct0rBd
TrackItDown: http://bit.ly/2csZoS1
Juno Download: http://bit.ly/2cBJlyt
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cBKwhh
Digital-Tunes: http://bit.ly/2cBKaaf
and many more…

Also available at your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more…

Random – I’ll Be There (Out now)

Artist: Random
Tittle: I’ll Be There
Label: Javabass Recordings cat#: JBR012

I’ll Be There is the tittle of brand new release from Random. Starting mellow then drop into a monster half tempo beat with EDM inspired lead and unleash into full blown DNB sing a long anthem. Tune alert!

Out now at all of your favorite digital stores
Beatport: btprt.dj/Z5dSgm
iTunes: bit.ly/1m6ZVsO
Trackitdown: bit.ly/1m6ZdM0
Juno Download: bit.ly/1nYShw2
Hard To Find Digital: bit.ly/1m6ZTkO
7 Digital: bit.ly/1m70hQ2
Bandcamp: bit.ly/1taw5o2
Amazon: amzn.to/1m70q68



Follow Random at:



©2014 Javabass Recordings

Random – Ghost ft. Nick / Shadow On The Wall (Out Now!)

In his latest effort, Random hooks up with Jakarta’s indie hero NICK to present you an uplifting hands in the air tune ‘GHOST’. Get your self ready to bounce around when the chorus dropped . Meanwhile, ‘Shadow On The Wall’ is a moody yet melodic liquid number with lush vocal that are both dance floor friendly and uplifting at the same time.

Random – Ghost ft. Nick / Shadow On The wall is out now on Javabass Recordings available at
Beatport | trackitdown | iTunes | Juno Download | Amazon
| and other digital stores

Random – Ink & Paint ft. Yacko (Out now!)

Javabass Recordings are delighted to announce their latest release, a collaboration between their own artist Random and Indonesia’s top female hiphop MC, Yacko. In this collaboration the two artists sets out to create tunes that represent their own sounds equally. The result is a mind blowing genre bending track that starts out with bowel shaking 808 kicks and aggresive rap in the style of Southern Trap. Soon enough, the track switch gear to some nasty wobbling drumstep before eventually unleashing its full drum & bass might!. The tittle track is backed with remixes from DTX that brings the nasty meters up a few notch, a playful Trap remix from Random himself and a brand new neurofunk number titled ‘Vacuum’.

Random’s Ink & Paint ft. Yacko is out now and available at the following stores and more:
Trackitdown | Beatport | Juno Download | iTunes | Amazon

Random – So Alive (Mage Remix) [Out Now!]

My latest release is a remix of ‘So Alive ft. Aliya Sachi’ (Mage Remix). The remix takes the already uplifting original into a whole new level. This one is big.

Random – So Alive (Mage Remix) is out now on Liquid Brillints and available at the following digital stores:
iTunes | Juno Download | Trackitdown | Beatport | DJ Download

Random – Love Inside (Out Now)

Guys, my latest single ‘Love Inside’ is now out on Strong Mind Records. Show me some love by buying them legally at all digital stores.

Random – Love Inside is out now on Strong Mind Records and available at:

Juno Download
| Trackitdown | iTunes | DJ Download | Beatport

My first ever released tune on vinyl

I was doing some re-organization of my studio and found this small piece of personal history. It’s my first ever released tune on vinyl. Rolling 303 was released on Jungle Voodoo Recordings back in 2000. I can’t believe that’s 12 years ago and how far along I’ve come as a producer. I can’t believe it got released considering how simple and how bad the mixing was. The flip side is a tune by Grizzly, a good friend of mine who passed away in 2003 after year-long battle with cancer. My thought is always with you brother!