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Daft Punk ft. Nile Rodgers & Pharrel Williams – Get Lucky (Teaser)

Here’s a 1 minute teaser of what’s destined to be song of the summer Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’. They’ve been revealing things little by little and this suspense is killing me.


here’s the whole track!

Daft Punk Puts Out a Teaser of Their Upcoming Album

Everyone’s favorite electronic band (if you can call them a band) Daft Punk recently put out a teaser for their upcoming album appropriately on 3.03. The teaser was only 15 seconds long and it confirmed what legendary producer Neil Rodgers stated earlier this year that it will be disco induced. The teaser was of course got taken down from Youtube. But, that didn’t stop someone else to put it up again on Youtube in a 10 hours (yes, you read that correctly, 10 hours) loop. I so can’t wait for this new album.

Is it a new mixer?

Native Instruments just release a teaser video about their latest toy. It’s something that appears to be a full functioning 2 channel mixer with integrated Kontrol X1 (FX & Hot Cues) and I assume, audio interface that will let you plug a device and have timecode control. My wish is that it has 2 USB plug to make switching between 2 djs less of a hassle. Well, no details on pricing and specs from NI yet. So just enjoy the video for the time being.