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More Ableton Controller and other things happening this week.

Welcome to our weekly roundup. Anything you’d like me to feature? Hit me up on twitter.

LK Gives Your iPad or Android Tablet Easy Control of Ableton Live


Here’s another contender to the crowded Ableton Live controller. I always stand by my statement that nothing beats physical controller such as PUSH, APC or Launchpad but unfortunately they are pricey. Well, pricey relative to apps alternative. At the moment, the leader of Ableton apps are TOuchable 3 and Lemur. But even by apps standard, they are quiet pricey at $20 and $50 respectively. There have been some FREEMIUM alternative such as Conductr and ths recently released LK by LivKontrol. According to Create Digital Music,

First, if you’re an Android user, LK’s Android tablet support alone means it just became your go-to choice if you have a tablet that isn’t an iPad.

Second, LK’s simplicity and modular design I find appealing, as you’ll see in screenshots here. LK’s narrower focus in its main controller view make it particularly accessible. Devices open below the clip/mix view and expand and collapse just as they do in Ableton Live. And dedicated views for MPC-style pads, an X/Y viewer, and MIDI control are clean and easy to understand.

12 ways to Stereoize and Control your Mix in Ableton Live

Staying with Ableton live topic, Askaudiomag have great tutorial on how to stereorize and control your mix. There are awesome tutorials here and you shouldn’t miss it.


‘DnB can be whatever it wants to be..’ Interview with Digital and his latest Dispatch

If you’re into Drum & Bass, there’s a great interview conducted by my old friend Ryan Origin with the legendary Digital. He touch on how DNB is basically wide open and I think he meants to say DNB is awesome . Read the interview at Inflect.


Chemical Brothers – Go ft. Q-Tip [Video]

Last but not least, here’s the latest single from Chemical Brothers featuring Q-TIp “GO”. The video is directed by Michel Gondry.

Fracture in FACT TV’s Against The Clock

Minilogue’s live Setup Revealed…

Check out these Swedish duo’s live setup. Using Ableton live as it’s backbone, the rig is controlled by Allen & Heath’s Xone 4D. There’s also some analog gears in there. You just have to watch it because there are so much information in this video.

Touchable 2 is out now!

Touchable 2 is out now and it’s really heavy on features, therefore there are loads of tutorial for you to watch.

Andy C (RAM Records) Talks Influences, Inspiration, Jungle, Drum & Bass

“Our Music is sort of stands on its own and you get it or you don’t. And if you do get it, you absolutely love it” – Andy C

Yacko ft. Random – Ink & Paint (Music Video)

How to re-create Spectrasoul’s bass in Light In The Dark [Video Tutorial]

Tutorial on how to create modulating bass like in Spectrasoul’s Light In The Dark using Massive