Lawrence a.k.a Random is one of the busier DJ/Producer in Indonesia. Currently he has 3 projects active with his drum & bass/dubstep projects under the name Random, electro/house under Lawrence Philip and his electronic band EGRV. One of the true pioneer in Indonesian Dance Music, Lawrence or Random was one of the early DJ in Indonesia to dabbled in production. His first release dated back to 1999 under now defunct LA based drum & bass label Jungle Voodoo. 12 years later, Lawrence still going strong and has broaden his musical taste even further by producing anything from hardcore drum & bass to current Indonesian pop hits! He has produced for many talents including indie heroes Kripik Peudeus, United By Haircuts and Yacko to pop stars such as Aura Kasih, Vicky Shu and Dewi Sandra. In 2009, he was awarded as Producer of The Year at Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Award (REDMA). He was also nominated in multiple categories throughout many awards show in the past 12 years.

Lawrence or Random is also one of the premier drum & bass DJ in Indonesia, having been awarded as Drum & Bass DJ of The Year in 2011. Currently part of Javabass crew, he was also instrumental in establishing Indonesia’s longest running drum & bass night PHUNKTION that currently in its 9th years. He also runs his own podcast titled Bass In Yo Face.

Random – sinto@javabass.com
Lawrence/EGRV – herubunjani@millionairesclub.cc

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