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touchAble 3 is out now

I have yet to mess around with it but this new update looks promising. Looking forward to it.

What’s New:
You can now use a simple USB cable to connect 🙂
Access to devices in racks in racks in racks in racks in racks…..!
The new Live Device Template Pack (available as an in-app purchase) provides 42 well designed layouts for nearly every device in Live.

The device module can now follow the selected device in Live (Blue Hand)
Devices can now be loaded to any place of a track’s device chain using the browser and drag and drop.
You can now play notes with the keys of the piano roll within the MIDI Clip Editor in the scales tab.
Devices can be stretched to take 3/4 of the screens real estate.

Completely recoded Server. (Goodbye Java!:) From now on, the Server is running in the background as a System Service.

New Settings, including:
– Follow currently launched scene option.
– choose and assign different MIDI channels for Drum Pads, Keyboard, Isomorphic Keyboard and Piano Roll (MIDI Clip Editor).
– iPads & iPhones Link Mode: combine several Devices to one big control surface.
– Rotary controller sensitivity setting.
– Snap and Timed Snap Mode 4 different envelopes: Exponential, Linear, Logarithmic, Hanning.

Countless of bug fixes, optimisations and enhancements.
Get the latest installer at http://www.touch-able.com/downloads/ and follow the instructions in the quick user guide included in the app

Device/System Requirements:
* Compatible with all generations of iPad.
* Requires iOS 5 or later
* Ableton Live 8 & Live 9
* Mac OSX 10.5 and above or Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
* touchAble PC or MAC server software (downloadable for free)

Combined with its strong integration in Live, its seven different modules (Clips, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, XY Pad, Template Editor) and a MDI Clip Editor touchAble 3 covers every control element of Live’s session view.
touchAble opens up a wide range of creative performance techniques beyond the typical knobs and faders paradigm. It takes a musical and seamless approach to controllerism, with all areas of the interface carefully designed and optimised for intuitive and efficient touch-screen operation as well as Ableton Live workflow. In short – it makes Live Sessions touchAble.


TouchAble 2 is coming!

Zero Debug recently announced the soon to be released TouchAble 2. TouchAble is an ipad apps built specifically for Ableton live. From this short video, it appeared that Touchable will be able to performed pretty much anything that Ableton PUSH can do and some more. The best thing is, it’s a free update for current TouchAble user (like my self) and it will be able to run even in the first gen iPad. Totally excited for this app.

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LiveControl 2 is available now

Liine the maker of Lemur for iPad recently release LiveControl 2. It’s basically a free download template for Lemur that will let you turn your iPad into something very similar to Ableton’s own PUSH. PUSH is awesome and you will never be able to beat real buttons and knob. But it will sets you back about $600. At $49.99, Lemur is pretty pricey for an apps. But looking at the functionality it’s a total bargain. If you have iPad and wants a PUSH like controller then Lemur with LiveControl 2 might worth a shot. For more info, head to Liine’s site.

Traktor DJ is Free during iTunes Store 5th anniversary

Native Instruments is giving away Traktor DJ ($19.99 for iPad and $4.99 for iPhone) for free to celebrate Apple’s iTunes 5th Anniversary along with the release of Traktor Kontrol Z1. This is absolutely as good of a deal as you will ever get. So hurry up and download it before this promo ends.

d(–)b a New Modular DJ App for iPad

Supposedly, we are on the verge of new era where touchscreen technology becomes the vogue in DJ industry. Prior to this year, tablet DJ apps was never considered to be a serious thing. With recent announcement of Traktor DJ and now d(–)b, we have to start taking this things a bit more seriously. With more and more powerful tablets, eventually we will be able to ditch our laptop and DJ on tablet completely. d(–)b is brought to you by the people that created Touchable, a full on touch screen controller app for Ableton Live.

From the look of it, this app seems like a promising piece of software. At this moment, it lacks the sophisticated FX that Traktor can offer but eventually they will include some kind of FX. at $16.99, this software is a total bargain. The only draw back is just like Traktor DJ, it will only run on iPad 2 or later which is a bummer for me since I’m still using original iPad. Nonetheless, we’re about to enter a new and exciting era in DJ technology.

Feature set:

▪ Custom browser with access to the iTunes library.
▪ Ultra low-latency touchable waveform with spectrum color-coding.
▪ Comprehensive in-app editor lets you create your own interfaces with up to 6 decks – on one or several pages.
▪ Track analysis with automatic tempo and grid detection.
▪ Manually grid tracks if the detection is off.
▪ Stereo-Pre-Cueing:
-> multi-route audio to precue tracks in stereo. Works with any class-compliant audio device via USB and the iPad Camera
Connection Kit.
-> split output audio to do mono monitoring.
▪ 4 cue points per deck.
▪ 3 band EQ with kill switches.
▪ optional limiter with variable headroom
▪ EQ Snap and EQ “Magic Triangle”.
▪ Pitch coarse & fine faders for 10% / 1% pitch control.
▪ Loops from 1/64th to 8 bars.
▪ Loop roll while track keeps playing.
▪ Listen to the dry/wet monitor signal on headphones while recording the main stereo mix – without multi-route or split-audio!
▪ Wide range of settings make the app less restrictive, more customizable.

Traktor for iPad

The time has come when you could actually DJ only with iPad. At least that’s what Native Instruments promised with what I presumed to be their soon to be released Traktor apps. IT appeared to be a full blown DJ software as opposed to just controller. This teaser got me pretty excited though. As a ig time user of TouchOSC, I’m already used to interfacing with touchscreen. The prospect of DJing only with iPad is definitely something that I look forward to. No more carrying laptop. Looking forward to this exciting app.

Traktor DJ is out now on iTunes App Store and it’s $19.99. It requires minimum iPad 2 or later. Buy it here.

Update: EGRV CONTROL 2.1.1 (Free TouchOSC template)


Here’s a minor update to my free TouchOSC template the EGRV Control. The update is for better workflow and visual feedback improvement. Several bugs improvement dealing with the switch to Traktor 2.6. Native Instruments has yet to open remix deck for anything other than the Kontrol F1. Right now, it only works like the old sample decks. Functionalty is limited to the first row only and very rudimentary.


TouchOSC 1.8.1
TouchOSC Editor 1.5.6 (for loading the template)
OSX 10.6 and above
Traktor Pro 2.6

What’s New:


– Added new Flux buttons for both deck A and deck B

– Deck label A or B will blink to indicate it’s state (playing or not playing)

– New LED lights as VU meter

– Longer volume faders


– New pitch reset button

– moving the filter activation and seek fader above the EQ fader to prevent
accidental touch to Play and Sync buttons

– Added functionality to pitch bend buttons. It becomes loop movers when you
press shift.

– Pressing gate while moving EQ Low fader on deck A will enable you to change
the value of the gater. Pressing gate while moving EQ Mid fader on deck B will
enable you to change the value of the gater.

– Pressing shift and gate/delay while moving EQ Low fader on deck A will enable
you to change the value of the delay. Pressing shift and gate/delay while moving
EQ Mid fader on deck B will enable you to change the value of the delay

– LFO/Flange functions the same as Gate/Delay.
LFO + EQ Mid deck A change value of LFO
SHIFT+LFO+EQ Mid deck A Change value of Flange
LFO + EQ Hi deck B change value of LFO
SHIFT+LFO+EQ Hi deck B Change value of Flange

– When you press FLT it will activate/deactivate filter and reset the filter value to 0

– Pressing Mash 1 and moving EQ fader Hi on Deck A will change value of

– Pressing Mash 1 and moving EQ fader Low on Deck B will change value of