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Create “Netsky & Jauz – Higher” Lead on XFER SERUM

Tutorial on how to create  lead like Netsky & Jauz – Higher. The idea of this tutorial is to get you started in programming your own sound and get you to understand how Xfer Serum works. So we’re not going to try to remake the exact sound.

If you want to explore the patch, download it for FREE at:


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Bass In Yo Face Session:22

or download the clean version (without me talking) for FREE at Yeyo.


1.Hard Lip Kiss – Chris Inperspective
2.The New Age – Hydro, War, Mateba & Sam KDC
3.Suction Cap – Icicle & Safire
4.Gas (Original Mix) – Andy Pain
5.Shut Down – Enei
6.Bagleys – Slang Banger
7.Purify (Original Mix) -Mefjus
8.Defender – Brain Crisis & Segment & Concept Vision
9.Interloper – Chaser
10.Sasquatch – Optiv & BTK
11.Drawback – Phace & Noisia
12.Less Is More (Original Mix) – Signs
13.50,000 (Original Mix) – MaxNRG
14.Arabia – BMotion
15.Outlaw Renegade – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
16.Robots & Romans – Audio Remix – June Miller
17.WTF (Original Mix) – Smooth
18.Panzer (Original Mix) – Dimension (UK)
19.Bäng Bäng – Phace & Mefjus
20.The Calling VIP – Original – Rene LaVice

Naughty Boy – Runnin’ (Random DNB Edit)

Free download of my latest bootleg, Naughty Boy’s Runnin’
Get them at http://bit.ly/1LlvKaa

The 80’s is back and other stuff happening around the digital music world

New week means new round up in the past couple weeks. Anything you’d like me to feature? Hit me up on twitter.

80’s Bass Tutorial

This past week, the hottest film to hit the net is the Kickstarter funded 80’s revival KungFury. Complete with it’s full on 80’s inspired soundtrack, this film signify the return of that god awful decade. Attack Magazine have a full on tutorial on how to recreate that signature 80’s bass sound here.


Drumsound & Bassline Smith: Limitless Technique

Cuddgz1jBpRsSFGvVZQy5Xg5KlFuH5E6F-b2KBZi_BwDrumsound & Simon Bassline Smith are legend in the drum & bass scene and they talk about current projects, and their legendary Technique Recordings label in their interview with Drum & Bass Arena.

Free Ableton Live rack – API 2500 stereo bus compressor emulation from Rayce Stipanovich


One thing I love about Ableton Live is its ability to build custom rack both for instruments and effects. This time around Ableton Live Expert is giving a way a free rack that emulate the classic API 2500 stereo bus compressor. You can download them here.

A Guide To Clearing Samples In Music Production

copyright-sample-clearanceIn dance music production, you will almost guarantee to use some kind of sample. There are many myths regarding sample clearance floating around the web. Just like everything else, sample clearing myths is not exactly reliable. DJ Techtools brings you great article that might help clear out the confusion. You can read it here.



I mentioned this movie at the beginning of this round up. So, here is that movie. Enjoy the absurdity!

C’Mon Lennon – Aku Cinta J.A.K.A.R.T.A (Random 2010 Remix)

Here’s a freebie from yours truly. It was a remix I did for Jakarta’s Rock N Roll band C’Mon Lennon. Enjoy!

Dieselboy – The Destroyer (Free Download)

Here’s a brand new mix from my all time favorite drum & bass DJ (Sorry Andy C, you’re close 2nd). Absolutely free with massive playlist in 60+ minutes. Absolutely sick!


Dieselboy – The Destroyer (Feature Presentation)
Ajapai – Bass Godzilla // ROTTUN [CLIP]
Koronis – Collision // UPLINK AUDIO [CLIP]
Phace + Misanthrop – Nordwand // NEOSIGNAL
Emperor – Precursor (Mefjus Remix) // CRITICAL MUSIC
Audio – Heads Up // RAM [CLIP]
Knife Party – L Rad (The Prototypes Bootleg) // DUB
DJ Fresh Vs Jay Jay feat Ms Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound // MINISTRY OF SOUND [CLIP]
Hive – Neo (Audio’s Let It Roll Edit) // RAM
Optiv + BTK – Ground Shaker feat Nuklear MC // VIRUS [CLIP]
Mikal – Killa Soundboy // METALHEADZ
Misanthrop – Deadlock // NEOSIGNAL
Misanthrop – Catch 22 // NEOSIGNAL
Counterstrike – Rotterdam Sangomas VIP // PRSPCT
Frankee – Gully // RAM
Ulterior Motive – MIR // METALHEADZ
Camo + Krooked – Armageddon // HOSPITAL
Delta Heavy – Apollo // RAM
Spor – Kingdom // LIFTED
I Am Legion – Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) // DIVISION
Mefjus – Dissuade // CRITICAL MUSIC
Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) // DIVISION
Noisia – Oh Oh // VISION
Prolix + Mob Tactics – Transmission // TRENDKILL
Enei – Mosquito // CRITICAL MUSIC
D Minds – Blacker feat Strikez // D STYLE
Rockwell – Detroit // SHOGUN
Rockwell – 1 2 3 4 // SHOGUN
Mercedes – Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Remix) // ASHLEY WESTLAKE
Subfocus – Druggy // RAM
June Miller – Empathy // RAM
The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot // VIPER
Phace – The Set Up // CRITICAL MUSIC
State Of Mind + Chris SU – Above Earth // FATE
Enei – The Artefact // CRITICAL
TC – Into The Jungle // DONT PLAY
Maldini – Amazon // C4C RECORDINGS
Concept Vision + Sigment – Meteor // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Black Sun Empire – Don’t You (State Of Mind Remix) // BLACKOUT MUSIC
DC Breaks – Proton // RAM
Neonlight – Heavy Bettie // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Chris Lake feat Jareth – Helium (Rene Lavice Remix) // ULTRA
Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Phace Remix) // HOSPITAL
Noisia – Stamp Out // VISION
Phace – Shitstorm // NEOSIGNAL
Jubei + SP:MC – State Of The Art // METALHEADZ [CLIP]
Noisia – Running Blind // VISION
Current Value + Nanotek – Code Of Chaos // PRSPCT
State Of Mind – No-Operative // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Lynx – Take Back The Night feat Newsome // RAM
NC-17 – The War Master VIP // VIPER
Culture Shock – Ohrwurm // RAM
Break – Love So True // SYMMETRY
TC – Vegas – DONT PLAY
Original Sin + Koo – Running Man // PLAYAZ
Cue – Rainbow Dub (Sub Zero Remix) // MOTION SENSOR
Funtcase – Out For Da Milli (Annix Remix) // CIRCUS
Noisia + Prolix – Asteroids // VISION
Critical Impact – The Illa feat Jakes // CLEAR SKYZ
Silent Witness + Break + Prolix – Haunted Stars // TRIPLE SEED
Wilkinson feat Becky Hill – Afterglow // RAM
Phace + Misanthrop – Sex Sells // NEOSIGNAL
Dimension – Pathogen // CYANTIFIC
S.P.Y. – Brooklyn Dub // HOSPITAL
Delta Heavy – The World Is Yours // RAM
Original Sin – Screamers // PLAYAZ
Rockwell – Back Again // SHOGUN
Gridlok + Prolix – Metalbrane // DUB
Emperor + Mefjus – Void Man Void // CRITICAL MUSIC
Black Sun Empire – The Rat (Gridlok Remix) // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Limewax – Arch Noisyum // PRSPCT
Loadstar – Eat My Tears (Rene Lavice Remix) // RAM
Mikal – Strictly Rockers // METALHEADZ
Dementia + Rregula + Disphonia – Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix) // CITRUS
State Of Mind – Fast Life // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Koncept – Breathe In // VIPER
Rise At Night – The Monumental feat Nikita Esco (Mediks Remix) // FIREPOWER
Ill Skillz + D Kay – Codename Zero // SMOG
Faces Of Def + Counterstrike – Blvck Celebration // SUBHUMAN
Gridlok + Prolix – Revenge // PROJECT TRENDKILL
Audio – Airbourne // VIRUS
Audio – Botfly // VIRUS
Hybris – Garbage Truck (Misanthrop Remix) // INVISIBLE
Teddy Killerz + Nphonix – Burnin // BAD TASTE
State Of Mind + Nymfo – Put It On // BLACKOUT MUSIC
Prolix + Misanthrop – Transcendent // TRENDKILL
Fred V + Grafix – Purple Gates // HOSPITAL
Sinister Souls – Tuh Tuh Duh (Faces Of Def Remix) // PRSPCT
Gridlok + Dieselboy – MDMX // PROJECT 51
QO feat Nuklear MC – Killcode // EATBRAIN
Mayhem + Downlink + Faces Of Def – Carcosa // SUBHUMAN
Dieselboy – Blow This Motherfucker To Kingdom Come (End Credits)

Conductr for Live

Recently I tried out the now FREE ‘Conductr’. It’s basically an Ableton Live controller app for iPad. After messing around with it I find this to be very straight forward and simple to use. Basically all you need to jam live on Ableton are there. The app itself use what it calls module. Each module have their own name which is self explanatory such as Mixer, clips, master and user. The user module is pretty cool because you get to create your own module using up to 8 parameter controllers from any device on any track featured in your Ableton Live set.

Of course, with all freemium software, you are limited to 2 user module. The paid version though will let you have unlimited amount of modules.the Master module is basically MASTER VOLUME, CUE VOLUME, A/B CROSSFADE and TRANSPORT CONTROLS. At this point I’m just scratching the surface of this awesome controller. Is it as powerful as Touchable or Lemur? Well, not at this point, the 2 apps I mentioned have quiet a head start and Conductr still have ways to go to catch up with them. But since this app is free, you really got nothing to lose to try it out.

More info go to http://www.conductr.net/
Download this app at itunes appstore here